Just Say YES!

If you have been on the internet very much during the last year you have probably read at least a little bit about this phrase “Just say no!”  That phrase has become very popular.  I see it all the time in articles and books that I have read.  Life is so busy and we do need to make sure that we are saying no to the unimportant.  But there is one area where I want to encourage you to “Just say YES!” every time.


Several times over the past year, the Lord has laid someone on my heart that I should reach out through a text or a card.  I wish that I could tell you that I had been faithful to say “Yes” each time, but there were times I let life get in the way.  At times I might even say “Yes, Lord, I will do that”, but then I’d get busy and wouldn’t.

See, I always want to say “Yes” when the Lord is prodding or asking me to do something.  No matter what He asks of me, I want to be the one to faithfully say “Here am I, Lord.”

It could be something as simple as a card, a text message, a meal, telling someone that you are praying for them, or listening to a friend who needs to talk.  Maybe what He’s asking you to do seems hard, like admitting you were wrong and apologizing, or forgiving someone who has hurt you, or letting go of your hatred and bitterness.

Will it cost you something to faithfully say “Yes” to the Lord?  Yes.  It won’t always be easy to say “Yes” to God. Sometimes it will hurt, or it might even scare you.  May I remind you, you don’t have to do it alone.  God is faithful.  He will empower and equip you to do whatever He has asked of you.

Grab your Bible and take a look at the blessings that come to those who say “Yes” to God.  Read about the eleven faithful disciples who left all to follow Christ and got to learn at Jesus feet, or Paul who reached so many with the Gospel, or Abraham who left behind his homeland and became the father of God’s chosen people.

There are so many more that I could list.  Their lives weren’t always easy.  They faced trials and heartaches along the way.  But God wove their lives into a beautiful tapestry.

When God asks you to do something just say “Yes”.  He will be faithful to you and walk with you through whatever He asks you to do.  Will you be faithful to “Just say YES!”

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