My Strategy for Finding Books to Add to My Reading List

Do you have trouble finding good books to add to your reading list?  Or maybe you find books all the time that you want to read and are looking for ways to find even more?  So, I am sharing my strategies for finding books to add to my own reading list. (You can see my reading list here.)


I am an avid reader, and I love reading good books.  Finding good books to add to my reading list isn’t always easy.  If you are stuck looking for some reading inspiration maybe you could give one of these techniques a try.  Soon your list will be filled with books that you just can’t wait to jump into.

My Favorite Strategies for Finding Books to Add to My Reading List

Christian Book Distributors

Christian Book Distributors is an amazing website for all book lovers.  There are two ways that I use CBD to find new books to read, browsing the website and looking through their digital catalogs.  (When you are on the CBD homepage, scroll down to the very bottom to find catalog options.)

They release several catalogs a year, which I love.  There is a new one released every two months, as well as several others that are devoted to different things.  My favorite, the Christian Fiction catalogs that come out at least four times a year.

You can sign up to get their catalogs in the mail, download the pdf version, or just look through them on the website.  I normally download the pdf version so that I can highlight the books I want to look into more or add to my reading list.

Research Favorite Authors

One of my favorite ways to add new books to my reading list is by looking up authors I have enjoyed reading before.  Chances are, if I really enjoyed reading one book by an author, I will probably enjoy other books written by that author.

Look up Your Favorite Books on Amazon

This is a trick I use to find books that are similar to my favorites.  Look up your favorite books on amazon and pull up the product page, then scroll down to the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” area.  This area is normally full of books that are similar to the book you looked up.  I have found several books to add to my reading list using this trick, and it is one of my favorites.

Check Out Your Favorite Blogs

There are several books that I have added to my reading list by reading reviews from bloggers that I trust.  It is almost like a friend suggesting a book.

Some blogs have a page devoted to their favorite books and reviews they have written.  If you can’t find a page try searching for books in the search bar.  That should bring up any posts the blogger has written on books, whether it’s reviews or just a list of what they’ve read.

Bonus Tip: A lot of bloggers, myself included, have Pinterest boards devoted to what they have read.  They may also have a board for books that they want to read too.

Pinterest Boards

People create Pinterest Boards for everything imaginable.  There are probably thousands of boards devoted to books.  Searching for specific genres can help you narrow things down to find boards to follow.  You might even try looking for a board that posts free e-books. (I have one for free and cheap e-books that you can follow.)

Book Review Blogs

This is one strategy that I don’t use very often.  I am signed up for emails from one Christian Fiction Review Blog that I really enjoy.  I don’t read every review that I get in my email.  When I open the email if I’m not really interested in the book being reviewed I just delete it.  If I am interested I’ll take a minute and read it.  I love this because if there is a book I’m on the fence about, reading the review normally helps me decide whether I want to add it to my reading list.

The blog I receive emails from is God Bless Hope.

Now you are equipped with six more strategies for finding books to add to your reading list.  What are your favorite strategies for finding books to add to your reading list?  Please take a minute and share!

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