What I’m Loving this Month: June 2016

I cannot believe I am getting ready to type this, but 2016 is halfway over.  Am I the only one in shock?  Where has the time gone?  If your life has been as crazy as mine this year, you may not even know what you did with the past six months.

Things I'm Loving this Month: June 2016

Posts I’m Loving this Month:

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What I’m Loving this Month:

A time to think through the first half of the year, and re-evaluate my goals.

The halfway point of the year is always a good time to examine how the year is going and where you are with your goals.

When I look at my goals for this year, part of me wants to be disappointed at how I am doing.  There are goals I set that I haven’t even begun to work on.  Others that have fallen by the wayside as the year has progressed.  The other part of me is thankful for all that I have accomplished, even though a lot of it was not a part of my plans for this year.

My plan is to take these last few days of June to think through my goals and get a strategy together for the rest of the year.  A lot has happened over the past six months, and re-evaluating my goals to make sure they align with my current priorities is important.  Does it mean that I may have to give up some of the goals I set at the beginning of the year?  Probably.  Because life changes, we change, and that means it is okay for our goals to change too.

An Exciting New Adventure!

If you have signed up for my newsletter then you know that I have been hinting at my family’s new adventure for about a month and a half.  I am excited to finally share the news!  We are starting a new business selling rustic signs.  A lot of work is being put in to get signs made and get everything set up to launch.  We are so close.

The launch date should be announced soon, but I just couldn’t keep this a secret anymore.  You can sign up for the 7 Hickory Lane Newsletter and be one of the first to see our signs and get all the launch details.

So how is your year going?  Are there some changes that you need to make to live the next six months with more joy and purpose?

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